• Software

    Customized  software developed  for  different areas.

  • Building

    Build  the  optimal  structure  to fit the technological project  features.

  • Test Bench

    Development and implementation  of test benches  for hydraulic  and  pneumatic  joint, focused in aerospace  industry.

  • Consulting

    Our engineering team  is able to help you doing the project implementation and  will solve any  question

    that you may have.

  • Equipment Supply

    Import and distribution  of  equipment  for  simulation and any other kind of technology project.

  • Airspace Simulation

    We have an excellent team of High Qualified Engineers specialized  in  electronic  and  mechanical  who are  in charged   of  developing,  building,  implementing   and  maintaining all  kind  of   Aerospace  simulation.

  • Repair and Maintenance

    Maintenance  and  repair of:  simulators,  electronic cards, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems.

  • Development and Research

    Contribution to  interdisciplinary  research groups, presentation of   draft and development of project selection.

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